Who are we? For starters, "we" is me, Rob Brookman. And since 1988, I've tackled nearly every type of assignment you can throw at a professional writer: print, radio and TV advertising, marketing collateral, PR, scriptwriting, journalism, speechwriting. In the process, I've worked for clients both large and small, profit and not-for-profit, long-established and just starting up, in industries too varied to list.

My philosophy is pretty simple: Good copy should tell a story — one that engages, informs and, ultimately, motivates. With that in mind, I approach every project with a reporter's eye, digging up facts, interviewing key players, distilling each client's story to its most powerful and persuasive essence.

If that approach can't always be measured in terms of units sold or awareness raised, it can be measured by an equally important yardstick — client satisfaction.

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